Government prepares to take the first four suspected wage subsidy abuse cases to court

Written by: Alxemy


June 25, 2021

As I am sure everyone recalls vividly, 2020 was a year to remember. The government wage subsidy scheme helped many employers stay afloat, and importantly retain as much of their workforce as possible.

It is great to have seen so many organisations legitimately apply for the subsidy and some who have realised they should not have been entitled, have contacted MSD and refunded the money.

MSD have been conducting audits on the application of the scheme for some time now, to ensure companies were actually entitled and are now at a stage where the first four cases are likely to go to court.

“Ministry of Social Development (MSD) spokesman George Van Ooyen told Stuff one final request for repayment would be made to each, advising of the ministry’s intention to begin civil action.”

“If MSD is not satisfied with the responses, proceedings will be filed in court,” he said.

Covid-19: Govt preps to take first four suspected wage subsidy abuse cases to court |

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